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TX Pie Spies travel around the Austin, TX area on a quest for delicious pie. Country charm is not required, but it doesn't hurt. We're two women on a mission. . .

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

In which Jamie gives Threadgill's pie another try.

Even after finding Threadgill's pie rather disappointing, I still had a coupon for it and decided to try it again. After a delicious meal of southern home cookin', I requested a slice of pecan pie.
It was better than the buttermilk pie, but it wasn't anything to get excited about.
In the interest of full disclosure, I'm really spoiled when it comes to pecan pie. My grandmother made some amazing pecan pies growing up. Perfectly sweet, with crunchy pecans and a delicious flaky crust. My mom makes a pecan pie that's worth driving home.
This wasn't my momma's pecan pie. It was good- hot as lava; sweet, but not too sweet; and as nutty as can be. The pecans tasted microwaved; they were soft, not crunchy. The crust was kinda meh.

Well, here is a picture. Or two. I will be back, soon, with pie from somewhere else.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm a Pie-aholic

(also with pictures!)
I've had the following conversation with myself every day this week:
I want pie.
Not until you write about Threadgill's.
But Brad's out of town, and I'm bored!
Well, maybe after you do some housework you'll write that blog post and then you can have pie.
mmmm. . . the pie at (cutiepie wagon, monument cafe, etc.) sounds really good. I could drive there after work and have a sensible dinner. and then pie.
Not until you write about Threadgill's.

Vicious circle. So I'm writing this post about Threadgill's so I can have pie. Making a justification for pie. Abnormally craving pie. Going out of my way just so I can have pie.

Best. Addiction. Ever.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Our mission, should we choose to accept it

.. .. or The Plan
What is a TX Pie Spy? What is a pie, for that matter?
Here is what the dictionary says about pie. Pretty broad, right? Basically anything with a filling or a crust. For the purposes of this blog, we narrow the definition to the first description: 
"a baked food having a filling of fruit, meat, pudding, etc.,prepared in a pastry-lined pan or dish and often topped witha pastry crust: apple pie; meat pie." 
Our vision for this blog is to write about pie. Sweet pies. Dessert-type pies. The true comfort food of small-town cafe's. This is what we started with, at Maxine's on Main, last summer.
We will post all of the pies spied and eaten, review the atmosphere, talk about things like chewy and flaky crusts, mouth feel, creaminess, filling options, and waitresses with big hair that call us "honey" and "shug."
My vision for this also includes pies we bake ourselves, discussions on pie construction, hints and tips for pie hunting, quotes seen elsewhere - online or off, and generally comfort in what was a commoner's dessert back in the day.

Today I will leave you with this fascinating post on American Pie of Antiquity: http://www.journalofantiques.com/hearthnov.htm
In PIE we trust!

Coming soon: Threadgills!